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Caridina – some shrimp anatomy I

Maxilliped: One of a pair of three sets of thoracic appendages, arising posterior to the primary mouthparts. The two anterior pairs are often modified for feeding, while the third pair is often pediform, resembling the pereopods.

Pereopod: One of the five posterior paired appendages or legs of the cephalothorax.

Propodus (Propodi): Sixth or penultimate segment of a typically seven-segmented appendage.( fixed finger)

Dactylus: Terminal podomere of a typically seven-segmented appendage. ( movable finger)

Merus (Meri): Fourth segment from the proximal end of a typically seven-segmented appendage.

Exopod :Lateral ramus of a biramous appendage, arising from the basis, or from the protopodite.

Carpus: The 3rd segment from the distal end of a crab leg. In a clawed leg, it is the segment where the appendage flexes (i.e. the elbow).

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